Kronenbourg 1664 – Alsace, France                                            4.50

Founded in 1664, golden blond, with a generous aroma, smooth

and creamy texture. Great with lighter dishes. ~ 5.2% alcohol


Sesion, IPA – Orgeon, U.S.A                                                        4.50

Orange and spice, pours deep gold with crisp hops ~ 5.1%


König Ludwig Hefeweizen- Germany                                        4.50

A classic Bavarian style Hefe. ~ 5.5% alcohol


Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter – Utah, USA                                                  4.50

Flavors of dark chocolate, coffee and caramel~ 5.9% alcohol


Full Sail Amber Ale – Oregon, USA                                                  4.50

A sweet malty ale with a spicy floral hop finish ~ 6% alcohol


Sesion Mexican Style Lager – Oregon, USA                                                  4.50

From the Full Sail brewery, a Mexican style lager that is light and refreshing~ 4.5% alcohol