The first recorded use of the word cocktail is found in The Morning Post and Gazetteer in London, England on March 20, 1798


Bubbles n such
Wine Spritzer (red or white wine with sprite)
Wine Bubbly (red or white wine with seltzer)
Panaché (kronenbourg & sprite)
Apricot Sangria (apricot nectar & white wine, orange garnish)
Pastis (pernod & water)
Long Island Iced Tea (tequila, vodka, gin, lemon, orange & coke)
Aperol and soda (campari-like digestif)
Aperol Bloodhound (grapefruit juice, vodka & an orange slice)


Mojito (sparkling or still)
Amazing home made mixture of fresh mint, fresh lime, sugar and rum YUM!!!
Cinnamon Mojito (sparkling or still)
Berry Mojito (sparkling or still)
Spiced Rum Mojito (sparkling or still )
Ginger Mojito (sparkling or still )
Chocolate Noisette (coffee, rum, hazelnut, chocolate whipped cream)
Hot Chai Toddy (hot chai tea with rum)
Eggnog virgin (seasonal)
Eggnog w/rum (seasonal)
Eggnog Latte (our latte infused with Ghini’s house made Eggnog & rum)
Pineapple Spiced Rum
Rum Daisy (rum, lime & grenadine served with an orange slice & cherry)
Chocolate Mint Holidaze (coffee, chocolate, mint, rum & whipped cream)
Brown Derby (pecan pie infusion, rum, soda water)
Maple cream coffee (seasonal)


Lavender Lemon Drop (Lavender sea salt, and hard lemonade, seasonal)
Basil Lime gimlet (Fresh basil, vodka, lime, and soda water)
Bloody Mary (original or creole)
Lavender Citronade (seasonal)
Vanilla Citronade
Sparkling Pomegranate Citronade
Greyhound (grapefruit juice w/ vodka)
Salty Dawg (grapefruit juice w/ vodka) in a salt rimmed glass
Italian Greyhound (grapefruit juice w/ vodka & a splash of sprite)
Filthy Madame (dirty, spicy, bloody vodka soda)
Ice Bomb (vodka, club soda, raspberry syrup, splash of lime)
Hazelnut vodka fizz (vodka, club soda, hazelnut syrup)
Sparkling Vodka Sour (club soda and a splash of sweet lime)
Sparkling Screwdriver (vodka, soda & a splash of sprite)
Cosmo (vodka, triple sec, cranberry & lime)
Grapefruit Cosmo (vodka, triple sec, cranberry, grapefruit & lime)
Gin Fizz (gin, club soda, cherries & a splash of lemon)
Gin and Tonic
Tuxedo (gin, club soda, sprite, grenadine syrup, bitters)


Margarita (with or without a salt rim)
Pineapple Margarita (with or without a salt rim)
Tequila Sunrise (fresh orange juice with tequila & grenadine)


Irish coffee (coffee w/ Irish cream syrup, whipped cream & Whiskey)
Irish cream (Irish cream syrup, half-n-half whipped cream & Whiskey)
Old Fashioned (bourbon, bitters, orange slice & a cherry)
Fiery Ball of Death (whiskey, club soda Tabasco, lemon & a fireball)
Manhattan (bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters, orange slice & a cherry)
Whiskey Sour (whiskey, lemonade & cherries)
New York sour (simple syrup, Bourbon, lemon, and malbec)
Whiskey Orange (whiskey, lemonade & orange)


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