An aperitif is a before-dinner drink meant to stimulate the appetite. The term originates from the Latin word, ‘apertitiuvum indicating ‘opener.’ In France, it is pronounced aperitif, and in Italy, aperitivo.

A digestif is a beverage served at the end of a meal that is meant to help one digest his meal. Clearly, the root of the term is the same as that of the word “digestion.” Digestifs and aperitifs are meant to bookend a meal, with an aperitif at the beginning and a digestif at the end. The terms come from the French language.

Pastis (pernod & water)

An exciting beverage found predominantly in Marseille,made with pernod; a liquorice liquor used frequently in Provence.


Busnel Calvados Pays D’Auge12 yr old Apple Brandy, delicious finish to your meal. Liquid Dessert!

Old Fashioned

A delicious bourbon based cocktail with Angostura bitters and a touch of sugar, garnished with maraschino cherries and a fresh orange slice

Aperol and soda

Aperol is an exotic infusion of sweet orange peel, hints of mandarin orange and an array of herbs and spices.

Aperol Bloodhound

Aperol on ice with grapefruit juice and vodka garnished with an orange slice

Ghinis French Caffe