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How about our “so amazing it makes kids eat salad” bottled vinaigrette? Or “so delicious on absolutely everything!” bottled basil infusion?

Better yet, give the gift of our great food with a gift certificate. Ghini’s… “Frenchness Guaranteed”

All available at Ghini’s Cafe,

1803 E. Prince Rd.
Tucson Az 85719


All of these Items are available at Ghini’s, Come on in and get your Ghini’s Goodies

•Fresh Hudson Valley Foie Gras – PreOrder & PrePay, comes 1-2lbs $61.00 / lb

•Bulgarian Osetra Caviar – PreOrder & PrePay, comes by the ounce $85.00 / oz

•Belle Epoque Rose & Violet Candies 4.2oz decorative tin $8.95 ea

•Fresh French Lavender Sachet $5.95 ea

•Lavender eye pillow (natural remedy for headaches) $10.95

•Lavender olive oil and Shea butter natural soap $5.95

•French Herbes de Provence tin $5.25 ea

•Blackened Seasonings tin (great for any protein) $5.25 ea

•Provençal Bread Dipping Herbs tin (just add your favorite EVOO) $5.25 ea


•Bread dipping bowl w spreader $3.00

•Bread Dipping herbs + Dipping bowl $8.00 combo

•Dried wild Mushrooms $6.00 1oz bag

(house, cumin, balsamic, orange ginger, oriental)•House Made French Vinaigrette $8.00 bottle
(refill for $1 off)

•House Made Classic Caesar Dressing $13.00 bottle
(refill for $1 off)

•House Made Fresh Basil Infusion (amazing on everything) $13.00 bottle
(refill for $1 off)

•Fresh Roasted Coffee(French Roast or Decaf) bags $8.95 ea

•Herbal Hibiscus Iced Tea Bag $8.95 ea

•Black Iced Tea Bag $7.95 ea

•Men’s & Women’s Tees  $15.00

•Reusable Shopping Bag $4.00

Ghinis French Caffe