Served Tuesday – Saturday from 6:30am to 3pm

• (Veggie or non-meat item)
∞ (Signature Dish)


Served with two large eggs; with choice of side

(Substitute breakfast potatoes or locally sourced, sliced tomatoes) add 1.00
(Substitute egg whites, tofu or poached eggs) add 1.50
(add cheese for an additional charge)

Two Eggs 7.95

Canadian Ham and Eggs 9.95

Home Style Sausage and Eggs 9.95

Thick Cut Bacon and Eggs 9.95

Home Made Corned Beef Hash and Eggs 12.95

∞Brouillade 8.25

Served with hash browns, sliced oranges  9.25

farm fresh eggs scrambled with fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil


Made with three large farm fresh eggs, with your choice of side

(Substitute breakfast potatoes or locally sourced, sliced tomatoes) add 1.00
(Substitute egg whites, tofu or poached eggs) add 1.50
(add cheese for an additional charge)

Danish Ham & Swiss Omelette 9.95

chopped danish ham & gruyere

Florentine Omelette 9.95

fresh baby spinach & swiss

∞Western Omelette 10.95

thick cut Mesquite smoked bacon, tomato and onion with black pepper

∞Roasted Garlic & Brie Omelette 10.95

tender roasted garlic and imported creamy brie with black pepper

∞Italiano Omelette 9.95

roasted red peppers, garlic, feta and our basil infusion

∞Latin Poor Man’s Omelette 9.95

potato, onion and garlic with black pepper

Fresh Herb & Goat Cheese Omelette 12.95

French goat cheese and fine herbs

∞Marseillaise Omelette 12.95

imported Spanish anchovies, tomato and garlic

∞Omelette du Soleil 9.95

3 cheese, garlic and herbs de Provence

A la Carte

we strictly use top shelf ingredients

Avocado 2.00

(*Poached eggs add 1.50)

One Egg Any Style* 1.50

Two Eggs Any Style* 2.50

Three Eggs Any Style* 3.50

Sides: 1.75

(Hash browns, sliced Oranges, Potato Chips, Baby Greens)

Sliced, locally sourced, Tomatoes or Breakfast Potatoes 3.75

House Made Fresh Corned Beef Hash 6.00

Bacon* (3) Sausage* (3) Ham* (3) 4.50

Swiss, Cheddar, Muenster, or Cream Cheese 2.00

Grilled Chicken Breast 4.00

Imported: Brie, feta, roasted red pepper,

artichoke hearts  3.00

6 oz Seared Ahi or Wild Salmon 7.00

Ghini’s Signature Dish

• ∞ Eggs Provençal 8.25

Served with choice of side 9.25
An amazing symphony of flavors ~ Hot house tomatoes, sauteed with fresh garlic and thyme and farm fresh eggs


all salads served with gf crackers
(add cheese for an additional charge)

Pate Maison 9.95

A generous portion of homemade paté maison with cornichons on a bed of greens garnished with tomatoes

Sauteed Baby Spinach 6.95

Fresh baby organic spinach lightly with sweet cream butter, garnished with locally sourced tomato wedges

(add Anchovies-4.00,  add Ahi or Wild Salmon -6.00 , add tofu -3.00)

Bacon Pea Salad 7.95

Fresh peas with bacon, and a creamy dijon dressing on a bed of greens

(add Anchovies-4.00,  add Ahi or Wild Salmon -6.00 , add tofu -3.00)

Wild Ahi or Salmon French Farmer Salade 13.95

Wild ahi or Wild Salmon cooked to your liking ( Thyme Crusted or Blackened) warm haricot verts, diced potato,

hard boiled egg, and farm tomatoes atop organic baby greens with our house vinaigrette (Sub Tofu for a Vegan Option)

Salade Nicoise 11.95

Our signature neptune tuna salad, tomato, green beans, diced potatoes, black olives, beets, onions and hard boiled egg on a bed of romaine dressed with vinaigrette

(Sub. Ahi or Wild Salmon, add-5.50) ( sub tofu for a vegan option)

Chicken Caesar Salad 11.95 (half 9.95)

Romaine, black olives, blackened or oven baked chicken breast & aged parmesan cheese served with a classic caesar dressing

(add Anchovies-4.00, sub Ahi or Wild Salmon-5.50 , sub tofu for a vegan option add 1.00)

California Kitchen 11.95 (half 9.95)

Romaine, fresh turkey breast, avocado, hard boiled eggs, tomato, mesquite bacon and swiss all topped with our house vinaigrette

(add Anchovies-4.00,  add Ahi or Wild Salmon -6.00 , add tofu -3.00)

Roasted Garlic and Greens 11.95 (half 9.95)

Roasted garlic, black olives, hot house tomatoes, swiss cheese and artichoke hearts on a bed of romaine & spinach served with a cumin vinaigrette

( add Anchovies-4.00,  add Ahi or Wild Salmon-6.00 , add tofu -3.00)

Scalloped Potatoes 4.75

Thinly sliced potatoes baked with three cheeses, cream, onions and nutmeg

Baby Field Greens 6.95 (half 4.95)

Seasonal mixed baby field greens tossed with our house vinaigrette, garnished with locally sourced hot house tomatoes

(add Anchovies-4.00,  add Ahi or Wild Salmon -6.00 , add tofu -3.00)


all soups served with gf crackers

Soupe a L’oignion 7.00

French onion soup with a provençal herb infused beef stock, topped with gf crackers and melted gruyere cheese

Vegetable Soup    Cup 4.75   Bowl 5.75

A medley of vegetables sautéed together in an herbed tomato broth