A Great Happy Hour! 4-6pm

$4 Beers

$5 Cocktails

$6 Appetizers

$5 off every Bottle of Wine, $1 off every delicious Glass

Our Dinner menu is served every Friday & Saturday Evening 3-9pm

(Signature Dish) (Gluten Free)

(Gluten Free** substitute potatoes for pasta)


Parmesan Basil Bread Chips   (V)

imported parmesan and basil infusion baked baguette chips

Mixed Imported Delicious Olives  (V) (GF)

Fresh Spinach and Three Cheese Dip  (GF) 

a delicious fresh spinach and three cheese dip, served with crispy French baguettes

Pate Maison  (S)

our house made country pate with cornichons and hot house tomatoes, on romaine with sliced baguettes

Warm Double Cream Brie, Grapes & Salted Caramel  (V) (GF)

melted doubly creamy French brie served with grapes, a home made salted caramel and fresh baguettes

Escargots a la Bourguignonne  (GF)

tender escargots & artichoke hearts decadently  swimming in garlicky butter & parmesan

Scalloped Potatoes and Organic Baby Greens  (V) (GF)

best scalloped potatoes you’ll ever have

Soups & Salads

Soupe a L’oignon  (GF)

French onion soup with a Provençal herb-infused beef stock, topped with grilled baguettes and melted Gruyère cheese

Soupe Du Jour or Home Made Vegetable  sm  lg  (V) (GF)

chef’s creation of our ever changing seasonal products

French Farmer Salade  (V) (GF)

warm haricots verts, diced potato, hard boiled egg, tomato and goat cheese atop baby greens with our house vinaigrette

add ahi , add salmon  add chicken , add anchovies ~ additional charge

Warm  Brussel Sprout, Bacon and Feta Salade  (GF)

roasted brussel sprouts & bacon tossed in a warm vinaigrette, topped with sundried cranberries, toasted walnuts and feta atop baby organic greens

add ahi , add salmon  add chicken , add anchovies ~ additional charge

Local Farm Tomatoes with Basil   (V) (GF)

local tomato slices topped with our magic basil infusion

Organic Baby Greens sm lg  (V) (GF)

organic baby mixed greens served with our home made house vinaigrette, garnished with hot house tomatoes

add ahi , add salmon  add chicken , add anchovies ~ additional charge


Moules Marinieres & Moules du Jour sm lg (V) (GF)** (S) 

our famous east coast mussels in a garlic and white wine sauce with angel hair pasta and basil baguettes & chef’s flavor of the week, ask your server

Rosemary Lamb Sliders  (S) 

3 rosemary infused sliders with fresh spinach, grilled onions & garlic aioli on delicate brioche buns

Blackened Ahi Sliders

3 fresh ahi tuna sliders seared with blackened seasonings, cilantro slaw and a wasabi aioli on delicate brioche buns

Croque Monsieur (ooh la la) sm lg

thinly sliced ham, layered with béchamel cream sauce, gruyere and parmesan cheese baked on our box French bread. served with your choice of greens or potato chips

Prosciutto and Parmesan Pasta sm lg (GF)**

imported prosciutto ham sautéed lightly with champignons de Paris, a touch of cream and parmesan tossed with chef’s choice of pasta

Spinach Feta & Walnut Shrimp Pasta sm lg (GF)**

fresh baby spinach, mushrooms, shrimp and garlic tossed in a creamy feta sauce served with chef’s choice of pasta

Blackened Wild Salmon with a Remoulade Sauce    (GF)

blackened wild caught salmon served mid-rare and set atop sautéed baby spinach with garlic potatoes, carrot purée and a homemade remoulade sauce

Boeuf Bourguignon  (S) (GF)

a classic French dish of 100% organic, grass-fed AZ beef braised in an herbed red wine sauce with champignons de paris & carrots, served atop roasted potatoes

Desserts & Sweet Things

Single Serving Strawberry Shortcake  (V) (S)

fresh strawberries, home made strawberry coulis,whipped cream and cocoa

Dessert Du Jour  (V) (S) (GF*)

an assortment decadent confections to choose from, made from scratch daily from La Baguette Bakery

(Espresso Drinks Available)