Special Beer Pricing every Tuesday & Friday Day and Friday & Saturday Evening  4-6pm

Kronenbourg – Alsace, France                                                            4.50

Founded in 1664, golden blond, with a generous aroma, smooth and creamy texture. Great with lighter dishes. ~ 5.2% alcohol

Polygamy Nitro Porter – Utah, USA                                                   4.50

Polygamy Porter is a smooth nitrogenized, chocolately, easy-drinkin’ brown porter that’s more than a little naughty. Take some home to the sister-wives!.~ 6% alcohol

Mission Hefeweizen- San Diego, USA                                                  4.50

Unlike the lemon-laden wheat beers that flood market today, Mission Hefeweizen is a true example of a classic Bavarian Hefeweizen – exhibiting a wonderful bouquet of clove, banana, pear, among other aromas and flavors which make this beer a refreshing and full flavored brew. ~ 5.3% alcohol

Hop Nosh, IPA – Utah, U.S.A                                                                 4.50

Bold and refreshing, this IPA combines an abundance of hops with a smooth malt profile ~ 7.3% alcohol

Mission Hard Root beer – San Diego, USA                                         4.50

A hand-crafted adult twist on a classic soda. Creamy, smooth, and sweet but not cloying, the 7.5% ABV in this Hard Root Beer is all but undetectable. With traditional root beer notes of sarsaparilla and vanilla, this is a craft beverage for someone craving something a little different..~7.5% alcohol